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Salesforce.com Acquires Thinkfuse SaaS Provider Salesforce.com Acquires Thinkfuse SaaS Provider
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Thinkfuse announced today that they are being acquired by Salesforce.com. Thinkfuse is a software-as-a-service provider that allows organizations to turn business communications into useful planning and scheduling tools. While very few details of the acquisition have been disclosed, Thinkfuse will …

Oracle to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Cloud on Planet Earth Oracle to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Cloud on Planet Earth

Yesterday Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced that his company is poised and ready to deliver the most comprehensive cloud this planet has ever seen, and there’s some real substance to what he’s saying. Oracle’s new public cloud features their fusion …

Google Apologizes For Gmail Outage

A two-hour blip in Gmail’s availability spurred a rush of complaints both in and out of Google before the problem received a fix.

Enterprise Software Up Google’s Alley?

Google is the king of advertising, and it’s made moves toward productivity software, with Gmail and Google Docs. But what about enterprise software, the stuff that powers businesses, even large ones? Does Google harbor ambitions to be an enterprise software player?

OS Licensing for SaaS
Open Source came before, if not provided a platform for, Software as a Service.  Open Source Licenses have a big loophole for the most common method of software distribution today.  Tim O’Reilly addresses this while making yet another argument for open data.
SaaS: the Death Knell for Corporate IT?

The Enterprise Irregulars clubhouse is all abuzz these days about SaaS (Software as a Service, aka on-demand, utility, cloud, utility/cloud computing in a multitenant environment, whatever) and whether it will put an end to enterprise computing as we know it.

Microsoft Talks CRM, Benioff Laughs Heartily

All that CRM momentum Microsoft has been touting for the forthcoming software-as-a-service CRM Live elicited a chuckle and a “Microsoft is being out hustled by everyone” comment from Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff.

Microsoft To Improve SaaS For Hosters

In recent years, Apache Web server plus Linux equaled another Internet space Microsoft couldn’t really wedge itself into. The success of the software as a service meme has driven the software giant to beef up its Longhorn Server’s ability to handle hosted applications.

SAP enters SaaS market

Yesterday, the German enterprise software vendor SAP announced it is entering the hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) market with the expansion of its mySAP CRM offering to include a hosted option.