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Lauren Tannehill: Jesus, Guns and Football

Lauren Tannehill probably loves a lot of things, but by now we are definitely sure that she loves Jesus, her Miami Dolphins-footballin’ husband and choppers choppas. Good enough reason to learn more about this Texan blonde, don’t you think? The …

Lauren Tannehill Leaves Rifle In Rental Car
· 11

Judith Flessig, a mom from New York who was vacationing in Florida with her daughter, had an unnerving discovery when she opened a bag in the Nissan Rogue that she had rented from E-Z Rent-A-Car. Inside the bag was an …

Lauren Tannehill is the Trend Winner of the NFL Draft
· 5

While NFL teams were working diligently to replenish their rosters via the NFL Draft, something perhaps unexpected caught the collective masses’ eye: the fiancee of then-Texas A&M quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. When the signal-caller was selected by the Miami Dolphins at …