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Stephen Fry Writes An Open Letter To The IOC

British do-gooder Stephen Fry is not just an actor; he is, among many other things, a philanthropist, a comedian, a teddy bear collector, and a writer. He is also, as actress Emma Thompson puts it, “90 percent gay, 10 percent other.” Fry’s sexuality is no secret and hasn’t ever been one; his good deeds and philanthropy have often reflected this …

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Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws Provoke Olympic Committee

In the midst of American victories for marriage equality and other LGBTQAI+ issues, it is important to both recognize and publicize issues of unjust and ignorant behavior in other parts of the world. Echoes of Martin Luther King Junior’s famous quote come to mind; “None of us are free until all of us are free.” Russian members of the LGBTQAI+ …

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