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Yandex Gets Twitter Access, Launches Social Features. Should Google Worry? Yandex Gets Twitter Access, Launches Social Features. Should Google Worry?

Yandex, the Russian search engine giant, announced a new social networking search program. The announcement doesn’t mention Twitter specifically, but Search Engine Land is reporting that the search engine has made a deal with Twitter to gain access to the …

Russia Urges UN Envoy to Syria on Twitter Russia Urges UN Envoy to Syria on Twitter

Russia proposed that the UN send a special envoy to Syria on Twitter Tuesday, to help coordiniate security and humanitarian efforts. Russia’s foreign ministry has urged the U.N. Security council to prompt the U.N. Security General to set these efforts …

Russian Anonymous Leaks Emails of Pro-Putin Group Russian Anonymous Leaks Emails of Pro-Putin Group
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The Russian branch of Anonymous has leaked emails that claim Nashi, a Russian youth group, is paying off journalists and bloggers for positive coverage of Vladimir Putin. The Guardian is reporting that the emails detail conversations between Vasily Yakemenko, the …

Russian 3G Provider Lets User Download 419GB In One Week Russian 3G Provider Lets User Download 419GB In One Week

Data caps are pretty bad. They restrict how much I can download on our smartphones when all I want to do is stream Pandora on the way to work. I should move to Russia where you win money for downloading …

Yandex Gets New Map Content From NAVTEQ Yandex Gets New Map Content From NAVTEQ

Russia’s most popular search engine, Yandex, announced today that it has purchased a license for digital maps from NAVTEQ, which will be used in the development of a “detailed world map” for Yandex.Maps. Yandex is using maps from NAVTEQ from …

Cyber Criminals Are Selling Web Traffic Cyber Criminals Are Selling Web Traffic
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Have you ever wanted to buy traffic to your Web site? Well, now you can through the help of Russian cyber criminals. SC Magazine is reporting that cyber criminals have opened an online store selling Web traffic by hijacking other …

Anonymous Creates MegaUpload Replacement Anonymous Creates MegaUpload Replacement
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After the MegaUpload shut down and every other file sharing service backing down, surely nobody would be trying to start up a new file hosting service, right? Anonymous couldn’t care less and threw caution to the wind by announcing Anonyupload …

iPhone 5 Rumors: November Release Date in Russia? iPhone 5 Rumors: November Release Date in Russia?

Another day, another rumor – but this time with some international flair. Russian publication RBC daily is reporting that the much anticipated iPhone 5 could hit the shelves in their country in November. Apparently, the Russian handset retailers are in …

Moscow’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral Gets Google Doodled Moscow’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral Gets Google Doodled
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It has many names – Cathedral of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God, Cathedral of St. Vasily the Blessed, and of course St. Basil’s Cathedral to most English speakers. But whatever you call it, the beautiful Russian church …

Virtual Russian Roulette for Your Facebook Life Virtual Russian Roulette for Your Facebook Life
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It always interested me just how much the term “Russian Roulette” has permeated out culture.  Anything that’s dangerous and involves chance is said to be “like russian roulette” for X.  People can only speculate that the game is named due …

Russia to Ban Skype, Gmail? Russia to Ban Skype, Gmail?
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Russian Internet News Roundup: Skype, Gmail Ban Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) is set to propose a ban on the popular sites Skype, Hotmail and Gmail.  The FSB is concerned that since the services use foreign made encryption technology, their …

Russian Official Faults Google For “Manipulations” In Egypt
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Google’s attempts to "do no evil" and defend Wael Ghonim may have raised the Russian government’s ire.  Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin has been quoted blaming more than one executive for contributing to the Egyptian revolution.

According to a new Reuters article, Sechin said, "Look what they have done in Egypt, those highly-placed managers of Google, what manipulations of the energy of the people took place there."

Yandex Reports 43 Percent Revenue Increase
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The Russian search company that has had little difficulty fending off Google in its homeland is also doing rather well financially.  Today, Yandex announced its 2010 financial results, and the company saw its revenues increase by an impressive 43 percent compared to 2009.

That puts Yandex’s revenue for 2010 at about $410 million, which is a tidy enough sum.  As for some other achievements, an official announcement explained, "Revenues from contextual advertising grew 45% year-over-year."

Russian President Joins Twitter
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Another very significant person has come to recognize the value of Twitter.  Today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stopped by Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, met with the company’s executives, and sent his first tweets.

AOL Might Be Looking To Sell ICQ

AOL continues to travel into the brave new world that it is venturing into as the lines have been cut that once attached it to TimeWarner. Of course, there will be a lot of scrutiny which often leads to criticisms but that’s just part of doing business.

Google Ready To Advance In Russia With New Search Deal
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About three months ago, Google Russia lost its CTO to Mail.ru as she became the company’s deputy CTO.  Now, it looks like a reunion of sorts may take place, as reports indicate that Google Russia and Mail.ru have reached a search deal.

Google Russia Loses CTO To Mail.ru

Google seems to be having a hard time holding onto its overseas execs.  A little less than two weeks ago, Kai-Fu Lee, the president of Google China, announced his departure, and now, Jennifer Trelewicz, the (former) CTO of Google Russia, has also found another job.

Russian President Establishes YouTube Presence
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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has joined fellow leaders including Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and Nicolas Sarkozy on a world stage of sorts.  Medvedev, who already used a video blog, established his own YouTube channel this week.

Social Media Outages Tied To Russian-Georgian Animosity

The reason for – if not the exact source of – yesterday’s attacks on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites seem to have been determined.  Multiple experts have indicated that accounts belonging to a Georgian blogger were the actual targets.

This involves not the American state, mind you, but the small country that Russia fought using both tanks and hackers.  And today actually marks the first anniversary of the start of that conflict.

Cyberspies Hack U.S. Electrical Grid

Chinese and Russian cyberspies have hacked into the U.S. electrical grid and have left behind software that could be used to interfere with the system, a report said Wednesday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. intelligence officials said cyberspies had penetrated the system repeatedly last year, without damaging it. The officials warned they could try to disrupt it during a crisis or a war.

Firefox Pushes Google Away In Russia

Google may be used to seeing its market share climb, but it looks like the search giant is getting kicked down a rung or two in one country.  Mozilla has decided to make Yandex, and not Google, the default search provider in future Russian versions of Firefox.