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Justin Timberlake Slams “Trade Magazines” Over Criticism

Justin Timberlake has had a very successful career, almost from the very moment he started out on “The Mickey Mouse Club”; he managed to transition from boy-band star to movie star while hardly batting an eye, all while improving upon a solo music career that took off despite the critics’ predictions that he would fail. Yet he hasn’t been without …

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Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake Go for the Twin Win

Jess came out—and looked amazing—in a matchy-matchy suit that closely resembled hubby Justin Timberlake’s suit. According to E! Jessica’s ensemble was a feminine take on Justin’s black pants with a white shirt underneath the black jacket. Both Timberlake, 32, and Biel, 21, wore tuxedo jackets, white shirts and fitted trousers. According to US Weekly, Biel’s menswear-inspired look resembled closely her …

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