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Microsoft Buying Opera Rumor Swirling

The Oslo-based maker of the Opera web browser may have been acquired by Microsoft, which may have beaten Google in bidding for the company. Maybe.

Opera Could End If Google Sings

When it comes to market capitalization, Google is definitely a prima donna of substantial girth; the next aria it sings could be a swan song for the Norwegian-made Opera browser.

Googles Rumor Mill

After visiting Google’s Search Blog this afternoon, one begins to understand how the rumor mill works. It would seem the all the hubbub surrounding the possibility (pretty much a sure thing) of the Google Base seems to be attracting a slight amount of attention.

Rumor: Weblogs.com Sold To Verisign

Latest rumor, as reported on Jason Kottke’s site: Weblogs.com sold to Verisign? Note: this is different than weblogsinc.com, which WAS sold to AOL yesterday.

Is Google Interested In Acquiring Reuters?

One of the hurdles facing Google has it heads towards the future is besides search, what will the company do to ensure their growth stays positive. How will Google expand outside of the raw search segment of its business is a question many have asked.

Musing On New Google Stock Sale

Google has big plans for those big bucks, and WebProNews has uncovered a plan for you to consider.

Technorati Rumor Tracked

Matthew Hurst is tracking the rumors of Technorati’s sale. Just for the record, Dave Sifry, Technorati’s founder/CEO, has not answered my email inquiries …

Ask Jeeves PPC Service Rumor Mill

There is a great deal of hubbub brewing about Ask Jeeves possibly leaving Google and their AdWords program in order to develop and provide their own PPC advertising service, which is seen as a potentially risky move.

Apple iTunes Japan Rumor Returns

A major Japanese music label claims it has signed an agreement with Apple to provide it with music content.

Apple Plus Intel Equals Surprised Mac Community

A rumor from mid-May about a possible switch from IBM to Intel chips may be about to become fact at today’s Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Yahoo And Flickr: Photosharing Made Easy

This past weekend, Jeremy Zawodny confirmed what many have been speculating about for a little while now: Yahoo has or is purchasing Flickr, the digital image sharing web presence.

Rumor: Yahoo Purchased Flickr

It had to, or will have to, happen sooner or later. Last year, rumours were flying that maybe Google would buy Flickr …

Blog Post Rekindles Google Browser Rumor

Ben Goodger, the lead developer on Firefox, announced on his blog today that he is joining Google.

MSN Search Blog Takes The High Road

The Microsoft Network search blog team announced a set of principals and aspirations that will guide them in their weblog postings.

Sun Blog Sparks Novell Purchase Rumor

The possible purchase was suggested by Sun President Jonathan Schwartz in interviews with the Wall Street Journal. So far, Novell has been mute on this possibility. Acquiring Novell would cost approximately $3 billion.

False: The The “Google Dumping DMOZ?” Rumor

Is Google planning to drop the DMOZ directory? This search-shattering rumor came to my attention yesterday in this post from Minstrel, one of our moderators in WebProWorld.

Google Rumors That Need To Be Stopped
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There are a lot of theories and rumors floating around. Most of them involve some sort of “filter” or penalty being applied to certain types of sites. Filtering out extreme spam is nothing new for Google. Among other things, they’ve been trying to catch hidden text for several months. I just don’t see how a filter, or any combination of filters and penalties, could explain the current search results.