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Rumor: IPO for AOL’s Advertising Platform A

Last week, AOL announced that it was restructuring its online advertising holdings to create a new ad division, Platform A. Ten days later, TechCrunch has rumors that Platform A will be destined for an IPO of its own:

Rumor: Google Planning Giant Undersea Cable?

Grahame Lynch of CommsDay reports (my emphasis):

Rumor: Google’s Gmail Getting New Features?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend. The other one is here.

Rumor: Google Planning Second Life Rival?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend–the other one is here.

Apparently Arizona State University sent out invitations to students that mention a super-secret, sign-an-NDA-or-else, social networking project.

Google Phone Rumors Round…What Round Is It?

They can build it, they have the technology…and the money…and ("probably" said CEO Schmidt, anyway) will have the spectrum…and maybe even the incentive…but will Google give us a Google phone? DigiTimes says "definitely."

SEOmoz Takes Cash, Plans Changes
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Rand Fishkin disclosed he is giving up a small percentage of SEOmoz in exchange for a venture capital investment of $1.25 million from a pair of investors.

GPhone Rumor “Confirmed” Again
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The ‘yes it’s here’, ‘no it isn’t’, ‘yes it is’ tennis match of rumors about a Google-powered mobile phone have been entertaining to watch, as yet another source swears on the immaculate souls of Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn souls that the GPhone is alive and on the way.

Rumor: TimesSelect Pay Service Ending

The monthly charge for access to New York Times columnists may be ending soon, with flagging subscriptions for the TimesSelect service cited as a reason.

Rumor: Facebook Makes $90 Million Per Year
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Sponsorships on networking site Facebook rack up some nice revenue for Mark Zuckerberg and company, but perhaps not quite enough to justify valuing it in the $8 billion range.

Facebook: High & Mighty

As instigator of the unofficial Facebook rumor blog, I figured I should cover this story (better late than never)! According to TheDeal.com’s David Shabelman, there’s a good reason Facebook isn’t being acquired: they want way more than they’re really worth.

Microsoft to Buy Facebook?

Rumor is that Microsoft is looking to close a deal to buy Facebook for the amazing sum of six billion dollars. Henry Blodget says that while he can’t confirm it, he has definitely heard that Steve Ballmer is desperately trying to make a big splash play to counter Google in the internet game.

Facebook Heads For IPO, Rumor Says

Sometimes little things add up and point to something big. Something serious and something funny may mean Facebook stands on the cusp of making Mark Zuckerberg and his backers very rich.

Rumor: MySpace Swap For Yahoo Stake
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News Corp could be offering Jerry Yang a deal where they would trade MySpace in exchange for a stake in Yahoo.

Rumor: Google Merging With Apple
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We know that Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs are reasonably close business associates, but the idea of the two companies setting up shop together seems a little too surreal.

From The Rumor Mill: Amazon To Buy Netflix
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Amazon’s got its fingers in a little bit of everything these days, and it may soon have them in Netflix, as well.  This information has been very clearly marked as a rumor, and yet some heads are nodding, and Netflix’s stock price is rising.

FeedBurner Deal Could Be Good For Google

The rumor that Google is eyeballing FeedBurner for a cool $100 million has folks talking about what that could mean for Google’s search result relevancy, and the company’s ability to identify splogs, differentiating them from legitimate blogs.

Rumor: Google to Buy FeedBurner?

It’s Friday, which must mean it’s time to crank up the rumor mill to “11″ and get speculative. :-)

Rumor Mill: Google To Acquire FeedBurner
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It’s just an unconfirmed rumor at this point, but Sam Sethi has “just heard from a VERY trusted source that Google is buying Feedburner.”  Considering that Microsoft just spent $6 billion on aQuantive, this purchase would certainly be a good way for Google to steal back some headlines.

Rumor: MySpace To Acquire Flektor

MySpace is rumored to be purchasing Flektor, a new startup that allows users to create widgets from photos, video and text, TechCrunch is reporting.

Rumor: StumbleUpon To Be Acquired By eBay
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Reports surfacing about a possible eBay/StumbleUpon deal have created quite a buzz throughout the blogosphere over the last 24 hours. Forsaking the significance that such a deal could have in the silently mounting animosity between Google and eBay, the rumored details of acquisition weave an interesting tale in and of themselves.

Headlines on the acquisition front have, by in large, been dominated by Google over the last six months, starting with the company’s highly publicized and now much scrutinized purchase of YouTube.

Rumor: Yahoo Could Acquire Rivals

The story broke yesterday concerning Yahoo’s possible acquisition of Rivals, a popular sports content site. With the possible price rumored in the nine-figure range.

Here in Lexington, Rivals is a very popular site for fans of Kentucky basketball. Its forums have been ablaze ever since the abrupt departure of former head coach Tubby Smith and stayed hot throughout the entire search process which eventually landed Billy Gillispie at the helm of the program.