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Loretta Lynch Confirmation Could Be Stalled Until April

Loretta Lynch has been waiting since November for her confirmation from the Senate to become the next attorney general. In a bid to force the Senate to complete their consideration of a controversial sex trafficking bill which reportedly includes language …

SEO and the Presidential Race

With the Presidential primaries well under way, it’s time for a follow-up to my March 2007 post about how the Presidential candidates rate for SEO.

Facebook Woops: Giuliani’s Girl Goes For Barack
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If you’re running for the highest office in the land, it’s probably a good idea to check to see what your daughter’s doing, if she’s going to vote for you, and if not, will she be quiet about it? Wouldn’t you double check her social network profiles?

American Reporter’s Arrest Captured On YouTube
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I may have spoken too soon yesterday, lauding the freedom of the press in America, contrasting it with Venezuelan President Chavez’ takeover of the airwaves. I didn’t speak out of turn, however, when sharing a sincere appreciation for the power of YouTube.