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Google Missing Important Marketing Angle

I was just over reading Steve Rubel’s blog where he links to a BusinessWeek article about Google and its struggles to improve its business.

Resources for New Media and Social Media PR
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There’s a growing amount of buzz about social media lately, but specifically of interest is social media press releases.

WaPo BlogRolls the C-Listers

The Washington Post Online launched a program to give C-list bloggers a leg up. The company launched BlogRoll, which offers ad revenue sharing and links to participating bloggers from the front page of the news publication website.

Reuters Faces Blog Backlash for Altered Photo

It’s interesting that, just before I get ready to discuss online reputation monitoring at SES San Jose, Reuters is facing a blog storm.

Second Life: Reality not Escapism

Some interesting commentary about PR and Second Life from Steve Rubel in a brief Beet.tv interview I’ve just watched.

Earthlink Catches Rubel In Its Closet

Earthlink learned a valuable lesson about this here Internet thingy: if you have a new product you don’t want people to know about yet, keep it off the Web and the hell away from Steve Rubel. The ISP best known for being ancient and for quirky cross-eyed girl commercials “quietly” launched an RSS reader and social bookmarking site.

Cutting Dell Slack with Its Blog

So Dell has decided that it can no longer stick its head in the sand and pretend it’s not being flamed by bloggers everywhere.

China Wants to Control Blogs and Search Engines

I really can’t imagine what’s it like to live in a country that controls what you can and what you can view online.

Podvertising Gives NPR a Boost

National Public Radio, which wholeheartedly embraced podcasting early, is seeing a nice return on its investment.

Imbee – Social Networking for Kids
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Imbee has has launched a new social networking site that caters to kids.

Mothers All Over Social Networking

More than any other demographic group, mothers seek out their online peers for support and advice, according to a new report from eMarketer.

New Social Network for Moms Opens

Someone at the Association of National Advertisers conference I spoke at asked me if social networking was just for kids and teens. It isn’t. In fact, just yesterday a new social network for Moms called Mommybuzz opened.

comScore: Social Networking Booming Worldwide

Comscore Media Metrix just released audience numbers for some of the largest social networking sites on the Web.

Google May Acquire Thumbstacks Says Gartner

MarketingVOX is reporting the Gartner Group thinks that Google will likely acquire a web-based PowerPoint-like presentation application, such as Thumbstacks.

Robert Scoble Quits Microsoft

Blogging pioneer and all-around good guy Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to join Podtech.net, a podcasting/video blogging start up that recently took in several million dollars in financing.

When the Electric Company Gets RSS

I had to put a call into my local power company – the Long Island Power Authority – today to take care of a customer service issue.

HuffPo’s People Ranker

The Hufffington Post has a little widget on their new Eat The Press site that pulls in data from Google Blog Search into nice little charts.

Yahoo Launches Social Media Gay Pride Site

United Press International reports that Yahoo has launched a microsite in honor of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.

The MySpace Economy

Nial Kennedy has a round-up of stats about Technorati’s traffic. Much of it comes from MySpace.

Why the Web is the Rodney Dangerfield of Media

According to a new study by the Online Publisher’s Association 17% of all time spent with media takes place online.

Micropart Advertising

Radio, TV and online media are sold by time of day – what’s called daypart advertising.