Is Link Authority Dead (Dying)?

Is Link Authority Dead (Dying)?

By WebProNews Staff July 19, 2007 | 29 Comments

After extensive gaming, Google’s algorithm (it is assumed) shifted from using the quantity of links as an indicator of source authority, to measuring the quality (reputation) of the linker in order to determine relevancy. Gamers are still there though, this time with bigger budgets, and things may be about to change again – most likely to a much more complicated game.

PC Mag May Boycott Edelman PR
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Transparency is a word that’s been kicked around a lot lately. But too much transparency is what got Edelman PR pro and blogebrity Steve Rubel kicked around this week, instead. An early Friday 13th comment about PC Magazine is fueling a potential boycott, as well as fulfilling what the PR world had feared about blogging.

Permanence and the Internet

Last night I had the chance to attend the opening of the Indian Film Festival here in LA, which opened with a film called Provoked featuring Aishwarya Rai and Naveen Andrews. 

Rubel vs. PC Mag

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get most of the reaction to Steve Rubel’s little Twitter-related gaffe (Twaffe?), in which he said that he throws his PC Magazine in the trash, and now has had to apologize to the editor-in-chief of PC Mag, etc. First of all, you mean they still publish PC Mag? Who knew. I stopped subscribing years ago, and so did anyone else with any sense.

BBC Picks Up Sierra Threat Story
Kathy Sierra, author of the brilliant blog Creating Passionate Users wrote a post yesterday describing some incredibly disturbing, horrible, abuse and death threats she has been receiving from some other blogs and bloggers.
Technorati Foot-Shooting Again

So I saw Steve Rubel’s post about Technorati launching a new buzz-tracking, Digg-like thing and the first thing I thought was “WTF?”

Google Groups Goes Socializing

If your invitation to Google’s after-hours party at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos somehow got lost in the mail, you can use that time to explore the newly updated Google Groups service.

Steve Rubel Joins The “Newvoices” Movement

Edelman’s Steve Rubel has jumped on the “newvoices” bandwagon that we started a while back.

Blog Awards for 2006

Randy Morin ran his KBCafe Blog Awards again for 2006. In the SEO Blog category, Barry kicked ass again (while on vacation no less) as predicted.

Microsoft and Edelman Make Two Mistakes

I wasn’t going to share my thoughts on Microsoft sending out free laptops to some A-list bloggers.

Google To Bust Digg’s Block?

The buzz among the technophile blogosphere is that Google could easily and effectively put “a hurtin'” on Digg by tweaking Google Reader. An algorithm and, perhaps, buying out a social news site might be all that is needed.

The Blogosphere’s Peak

Research firm Gartner has predicted that the growth of the blogosphere will peak at about 100 million by the mid-point of 2007.

The Growing Irrelevance of Page Views

I’ve been suggesting for a while to clients and workshop audiences that page views are increasingly irrelevant.

Google Does Podcasting

Google Base now has a podcast section, along with a special promo page asking podcasters to upload their casts to Base.

LoudLaunch.com Offers Paid Blogging

The blogging purists of the world will wince when they discover yet another launch of a service that pays bloggers to write about a certain company or product.

Scoble’s Phone Call with Edelman

Richard Edelman, head of Edelman*, called. He wrote a blog post about the Walmart/Edelman disclosure (or lack thereof) issue over the weekend.

Edelman, Rubel Respond On Wal-Mart Flog

A long week of commentary after news of the Wal-Marting Across America blog’s real backers and bloggers became known has finally elicited responses from top man Richard Edelman and company VP/A-list blogger Steve Rubel.