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Moncton News: Shooter of 5 Mounties Still at Large

At 7:20 pm Wednesday night, five Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) responded to a phone call reporting an armed man, wearing camouflage, traipsing about a small neighborhood in Moncton, New Brunswick. At 8:30 pm, photographer Daniel St. Louis arrived on the scene and was immediately shocked by what he saw. “I walked over and I saw two feet, facing the …

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Amanda Todd’s Cyber-Bully Arrested in the Netherlands

After almost two years, a breakthrough in the case of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teen who was bullied to death over the internet, has been made. The Dutch police have made an arrest and filed charges against the man who they believe who targeted her until her suicide in 2012. CTV News posted a timeline of events concerning Todd’s suicide. …

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