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Roy Bostock To Step Down As Yahoo’s Chairman Of The Board Roy Bostock To Step Down As Yahoo’s Chairman Of The Board

Yahoo’s been going through a lot of changes as a company, and that will continue in the near term, as Yahoo’s Chairman of the Board, Roy Bostock, announced today that he, along with three other board members have “volunteered” not …

Yahoo Reveals Voting Miscount

Yahoo was almost ready to put its recent problems behind it; the company had fought off Microsoft, brought Carl Icahn onboard, and survived the annual meeting with its board intact.  Only now it turns out that the shareholder vote didn’t go nearly so well as was first reported.

Yahoo Files Proxy Statement
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Another open letter signed by Roy Bostock and Jerry Yang came into public sight today, but never fear – this one leaves behind some of the Yahoo-Icahn bickering, and instead, announces Yahoo’s filing of its definitive proxy statement.

Yahoo/Icahn Letter War Heats Up

It may be safe to officially declare no love lost between Yahoo chairman of the board Roy Bostock and billionaire activist investor Carl Ichan. In fact, we may need Wilmer Valderrama to officiate as these guys play the dozens.

Yahoo Responds To Corporate Raider
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Yahoo did not take kindly to Carl Icahn’s lambasting of its employee in-case-of-Microsoft-acquisition escape hatch. In a letter addressed "Dear Carl," Yahoo’s board chairman Roy Bostock, heavy on the dubious adverbs, told Icahn what he could do with his criticism.