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Yahoo Loses Another CEO (Not Marissa Mayer)

Earlier this month, long-time Googler Marissa Mayer assumed the role of Yahoo CEO, a position that many thought would go to Ross Levinsohn, who took over as interim CEO following the departure of Scott Thompson earlier this year. Levinsohn is actually now leaving the company. Kara Swisher at All Things D broke the news, and shared regulatory documents about it, …

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It Looks Like Yahoo Has Found Its CEO

First of all, there’s no official word yet, but it does look like Yahoo may have found its new CEO: current interim CEO Ross Levinsohn. Yesterday, it was reported that Yahoo had narrowed its search for a CEO down to two people: Levinsohn and Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. It appears that Kilar isn’t interested. Now, Business Insider’s Owen Thomas says …

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Yahoo’s Reconditioned Board will Reconvene Next Week

Yahoo and their board of directors have been through a lot lately. Most recently they have lost their CEO, Scott Thompson after a brutal proxy battle with activist shareholder Dan Loeb. They have also lost Pati Hart, co-founder Jerry Yang, and longtime chairman, Roy Bostock. Next week, the Yahoo board of director will reconvene, but with a fresh configuration and …

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Yahoo Ready to Find Replacement CEO

Yahoo is ready to start searching for a new CEO. As you may recall, Scott Thompson resigned after a rather lengthy proxy battle with activist investor Dan Loeb a his investment firm, Third Point. The surprising climax of that battle was the unearthing of a critical oversight on then current CEO, Scott Thompson’s credentials, claiming he held a computer science …

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Yahoo CEO Faces More Legal Troubles

Ross Levinsohn, interim CEO of Yahoo, is facing more than just the continuing patent struggle with Facebook in terms of lawsuits. According to TechCrunch, This week could see a decision in a case that has Levinsohn as the defendant. The case accuses Levinsohn and other investors of fraud, breach of Contract and 10 other accusations. It was brought forth by …

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Yahoo Elects New Leadership as Thompson Steps Down

As I reported earlier today, Scott Thompson has decided to step down at Yahoo as CEO citing recently discovered health problems as the main reason. Some may say it comes at very convenient time as he was actively trying to sidestep accusations that he purposefully provided false academic credentials both at his previous job at PayPal and for the position …

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Yahoo CEO Resigns and Third Point Wins Proxy Battle

Last week was a tough one at Yahoo. It started early in the week with CEO Scott Thompson trying to sidestep direct accusations that he purposefully introduced false academic credentials that showed he held a computer science degree. Claiming that it must have been some sort of oversight, he apologized to the Yahoo staff and urged them to get on …

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Buzz Names Ross Levinsohn As New Yahoo Exec

A man with a very interesting history when it comes to social media and tech investments may soon be brought in to replace a high-ranking exec at Yahoo.  Rumor has it Hilary Schneider, EVP, Americas Region will step aside in order to make room for Ross Levinsohn.

Remember Levinsohn?  He used to work for Fox Interactive Media, and is credited with making the then-smart decision to purchase MySpace.  Plus, more recently, he’s been involved with some venture funds, perhaps gaining exposure to important up-and-coming companies.

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Widgets’ Wild Ride

"Widget" is one of those words that your humble author may never be able to get past.  Like the name or not, though, the pesky-sounding things are here to stay.

They do, to be fair, go by a number of other designations – outside of social networks, Google Desktop Gadgets is what they’re called at one major company, and Google Desktop Gadgets have been at the center of several recent promotions.

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