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Halle Berry: Motherhood Drew Her to ‘Extant’

Halle Berry stars in the 13-episode CBS special event Extant that premiered on Wednesday evening. She and one of the Extant producers, Greg Walker, recently dished about how motherhood–and the notion of playing an infertile astronaut pregnant with an unearthly being–drew her to her role as Molly Woods. Berry was pregnant with her second child when Walker–and Steven Spielberg, who …

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Rosemary’s Baby Miniseries: A Hit Or A Flop?

Rosemary’s Baby isn’t something most moms would think of watching for Mother’s Day, but NBC felt that the 1968 Roman Polanski classic needed to remade. They also felt that the bloody four-hour adaptation should be aired on in accordance with Mother’s Day for some strange reason. The original film, starring Mia Farrow as the unfortunate Rosemary, was based on Ira …

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Zoe Saldana: Hubby Sports Tattoo of Her Face

Zoe Saldana will never be far from hubby Marco Perego’s sight. He needs only to look down at his arm in order to see her beautiful face. That’s right. Perego has Zoe’s face permanently inked on his left arm. He reportedly got the tattoo in 2013. The Rosemary’s Baby star and her artist husband were spotted out for a stroll …

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First Look at ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ the Miniseries

The chilling story made popular in the1968 film is now getting recreated as a miniseries. Rosemary’s Baby will appear on NBC as a two-part four-hour miniseries. Prepare to be spooked because this isn’t your typical miniseries. The show features Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana as Rosemary Woodhouse and Suits stud Patrick J. Adams as her husband Guy Woodhouse. Baby stars out …

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Rosemary’s Baby Miniseries Will Be Coming To A TV Near You

Rosemary’s Baby was a novel written by Ira Levin before it became a cult classic in the horror film genre. The novel and the film adaptation both made their first appearances in the 1960’s, and have been frightening generations of pregnant women ever since. The terrifying tale is going to be gaining another adaptation this May, this time in the …

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Zoe Saldana Stars in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Trailer

Zoe Saldana stars in the trailer for the upcoming NBC miniseries adaptation, Rosemary’s Baby. NBC stated that the two-part, four-hour miniseries is based on Ira Levin’s best-selling 1967 suspense novel, and not a remake of the Oscar-winning 1968 Roman Polanski film, though the story is essentially the same. Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) plays Rosemary, who moves to Paris with her husband, Guy …

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