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Rose McGowan Witnesses “Knockout Game” Beatdown
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Rose McGowan has claimed that she personally witnessed a distressful “knockout game” attack in LA, Thursday. McGowan was going about her business when a masked man suddenly appeared and walloped an unsuspecting elderly man in the head before fleeing the …

Alyssa Milano Isn’t Ready For A “Charmed” Reboot
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Alyssa Milano took to Twitter recently to voice her opinion on the news that began circulating around the web earlier this week: the remake of “Charmed”, which will air on CBS. The former child-actress was one of the screen queens …

Rose McGowan Shows Google+ Her Fish Face Rose McGowan Shows Google+ Her Fish Face

Recent reports have indicated that Google+ has struggled to keep brands engaging. It’s not exactly the first place fans think of for engaging with celebrities either typically (unless perhaps they’re trying to engage with Wil Wheaton or look at photos …