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Ronald McDonald Gets a New, Hip Look

McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain unveiled a revamped, more modern rendering of their primary clown-mascot Ronald McDonald, and explained that the character will be “setting out on a global mission to rally the public through inspiring events.” The new Ronald now sports cargo pants, a sort of outdoors/adventure-inspired technical vest with many zippers, and a rugby shirt. The new gear …

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Ronald McDonald Arrested in McDonalds, and Naked

Back when McDonald’s came up with the idea of a clown mascot named Ronald McDonald, they probably never imagined any confusion would ever result. Over the years, the name became so synonymous with the mascot that few people with the surname “McDonald” dared call their children “Ronald”. Who wants to see their kid bullied all the way through school? Apparently …

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Ronald McDonald Isn’t Going Anywhere, Gets New Look

“Ronald McDonald is an ambassador for good. Ronald McDonald isn’t going anywhere.” In 2011 then-CEO of McDonald’s Jim Skinner was very clear when he told critics that the mascot, first introduced in 1963, was not retiring any time soon. Now in 2014, Ronald is taking on a new face. Or rather, a new wardrobe. Sporting a new red blazer with …

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Ronald McDonald Officially A Hipster

Ronald McDonald is changing his style. He got rid of the goofy ass yellow jumpsuit and got a tailored, well-fitting “whimsical new red blazer” blessed with embroideries, paired with some skinny, cheese colored hipster pants that ride up the crotch seam; swag. Through his company’s account, Mr. McDonald is increasing his presence through social media channels around the world. The …

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Ronald McDonald Gets New Look For Social Media

The image of Ronald McDonald is iconic throughout the world. The McDonald’s mascot has been selling happy meals in nearly every country in the world for decades. Now, with the internet bringing companies closer than ever to consumers, Ronald McDonald is receiving a significant makeover and hopping into social media. McDonald’s this week officially unveiled the new image of Ronald …

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Taco Bell’s Own Ronald McDonalds Appear In Ad

When you think of the name Ronald McDonald, one restaurant comes to mind and it probably isn’t taco bell. Taco Bell is now serving breakfast and that means they are competing with other restaurants that do the same, including McDonalds and Burger King. On Thursday, Taco Bell released their newest breakfast commercial which shows everyday people enjoying Taco Bell breakfast …

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