Ron Paul Articles

Ron Paul Campaign Using Spambots?
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Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is popular online and some of that popularity appears to be originating from spammers who support the candidate.

Wikipedia Stats Support Ron Paul
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If Wikipedia’s users get to determine the next president, it seems like we’ll be seeing Ron Paul in the White House; according to an analysis of four different factors, the Republican candidate is popular in just about every way.

Three Candidates Sign On To Google Government

At first glance it looks like three Presidential candidates swore to uphold a law already passed, but since that wouldn’t make any sense at all, we’ll assume they meant they’ll hold the Executive branch to the same standards the Legislative has already adopted. Given the bobbing and weaving of the current administration, that really would be something.

Someone Plays Politics On Yahoo News
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Words have power, as a number of people have realized over the years of the printed page. A small example of that appeared as an odd edit on an AP article appearing on Yahoo News.

Politicians Continue Courting Googlers
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The US Presidential race has candidates chasing dollars like hounds after a fox, and one of their favorite destinations in rich Silicon Valley has been Google.