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Kim Goldman Speaks 20 Years After O.J. Simpson Verdict that Cleared Him of Killing Her Brother, Ron Goldman

Kim Goldman is a victim’s advocate, a radio host, a mom, an author. Goldman sat in a courtroom 20 years ago today and heard the words that would forever impact her life. She heard O.J. Simpson declared not guilty for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her brother, Ron Goldman. “When we got to the doors to walk into …

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Nicole Brown Simpson: Father Dies at 90

Nicole Brown Simpson was brutally murdered twenty years ago–most people believe by her ex-husband O.J. Simpson–although the football player and actor was acquitted of the crime. Her father, who lived through the horror of losing a child in such a sudden, brutal manner, died on Thursday at the age of 90. A civil jury later found O.J. Simpson liable for …

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O.J. Simpson Loses Bid for New Trial

O.J. Simpson was denied a new trial by a judge in Nevada. His conviction for kidnapping, armed robbery and related charges was upheld. Simpson requested a new trial on grounds that his lawyer didn’t provide him with sufficient counsel. J. Kelly Strader is a law professor at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. In an email to the Christian Science …

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