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Zac Efron Reveals Favorite Place to Have Sex

Heartthrob actor Zac Efron shared some highly enlightening news with fans earlier this week. During a recent press interview for his upcoming film That Awkward Moment, Efron decided to dish about his dating life, giving the fans the details they’ve been dying to know! Since the new romantic comedy delves into the life lives of three bachelors navigating through the …

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Kate Upton Tweets Trailer for “The Other Woman”

Supermodel Kate Upton has been dubbed by some a “modern day Marilyn Monroe”. And like Marilyn, it seems as though she’s trying her best to climb the cinematic ladder, moving from “human mannequin” to movie star status. Upton, well known for her saucy commercials and Sports Illustrated photo shoot, graduated from her silver body paint to the silver screen in …

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Meg Ryan Has Left The Spotlight For A Quieter Life

Meg Ryan left the spotlight and has not been seen in Hollywood in recent years, and she has finally come clean with her reason for doing so. She was featured on this week’s issue of People Magazine and told the story of where her life has turned, since exiting Hollywood’s spotlight. Once looked at as the one who appeared in …

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