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CES 2013: Roku Coming To More TVs In 2013, Now Sports Over 700 Channels

Roku, one of the big players in streaming entertainment, announced at CES today that it has secured more Roku Ready partners in the coming year. These companies will release new televisions that can take advantage of the Roku Streaming Stick. In 2013, you’ll see new smart TVs from Coby Eletronics, Harman Kadon, Hisense Electronic, TCL, Voxx and Westinghouse Digital that …

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Roku and 3M Release a Streaming Video Box With a Projector

This week, Roku and 3M have teamed up to launch a unique type of streaming video player. The device is what 3M is calling a “Streaming Projector.” It functions as a normal Roku video streaming box, with the requisite Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and other streaming services. However, the box also has a built-in projector. The Streaming Projector is “small …

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Apple TV, Google TV – Is 2012 the Year They Take Off?

We’ve heard it before and nothing happened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t, right? I’m referring to the idea of Internet TV that has, up to this point, failed to really take off. But, is 2012 the year that this trend could change? There is a lot of speculation and rumors that indicate that it could.

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