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Bloglines Tops Online Feedreader Choices

If visitors to your website choose to add your feed to their web-based reader of choice, they probably have that feed added to Ask.com’s Bloglines service.

Blog Terminology 101

With over 3 million blogs created in the third quarter of 2006 and around 1,000 blogs coming online every day according to Technorati, people might get confused by all the industry buzz words and lingo.

If you’re just looking for some basic blog terminology so you can feel like you’re “part of it,” then read on. If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, check back in a few days for more advanced blog terminology.

Technorati Charging Up The Buzz Monitor
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An announcement of the forthcoming newsletter from the blog search engine sounds like a similar offering to that done by online feedreader Rojo.

Six Apart Acquires Rojo

TechCrunch is reporting Six Apart, the blogging company, has acquired Rojo, a feed reader and blog search engine.

SixApart Buys Rojo

Blogging software and services company Six Apart announced today that it acquired Rojo Networks, the web-based news aggregator, for an undisclosed sum. A sale of majority interest in Rojo’s news reader services is expected in the coming months.

The Daily Me

The Wall Street Journal spotlights a whole new generation of news sites powered by RSS that track reading habits and use that data to make story suggestions based on what others like you have read.

Frankly Speaking About RSS Readers

Frank Gruber, the mind behind the Somewhat Frank blog, subjected nine web-based RSS feed readers to a comparison and blogged about the best on TechCrunch.

Rojo Enters Public Beta

Bloglines and My Yahoo now have new competition from Rojo, a new online RSS reader that just launched a public beta.

CNET to Launch Web-Based RSS Reader

As far as I know this is an exclusive. CNET News.com is launching a Web-based RSS news aggregator called Newsburst.