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Thandie Newton Shares Photos of Baby Booker

Thandie Newton gave birth to her baby boy Booker about six weeks ago, but only shared photos of her new bundle of joy via Twitter a couple of days ago. Newton and husband Ol Parker welcomed Booker into the world back in March. At the time she tweeted about how excited they were about his arrival and mentioned that his …

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Anna Paquin’s Rogue Will Not Appear In The Next “X-Men” Film

Several of the actors from the original X-Men trilogy will be returning in the upcoming X-Men film, but after the recent announcement, Anna Paquin will not be seen in the new film. Anna Paquin played Rogue in the first three films, and while the reboot is now being used to combine the two generations of casts, her character is being …

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Anna Paquin Axed from ‘X-Men’ Film

Anna Paquin has been cut from the upcoming film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Known for her role as Marie–and her alter-ego Rogue–Paquin was featured in just one sequence in the not-yet-released film. When editing took place, however, that sequence had to be cut. Director Bryan Singer spoke recently about the decision. “Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous. …

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