Twitter Expands SMS Tweeting in Canada

Twitter Expands SMS Tweeting in Canada

By Chris Crum May 5, 2009 | 2 Comments

Canadian Twitterers using Rogers or Fido can now update to the service and receive updates using SMS. Tweets are treated as standard messages by these services, so there are no extra charges according to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

Google Homepage Loses Color In San Francisco

On Saturday night, parts of San Francisco went dark, and it was to some degree Google’s fault.  Google deserves credit, and not blame, for this occurrence, though, since it was part of an energy-saving initiative.

Rumor: Google’s Gmail Getting New Features?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend. The other one is here.

Doctor Google: Healthcare Through Search

When it comes to organizing all the world’s information and making it useful, Google’s mission may extend all the way to one’s DNA.

Google Developing Enterprise YouTube

It kind of, sort of goes against the whole idea of YouTube – a video medium for the masses, the proletariat; a free speech antiestablishment vehicle – but it looks like Google may offer an enterprise version of YouTube.

Gmail Seeks User Input
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Google is often fun to deal with – the company, generally speaking, has a great sense of humor.  But in a Gmail-related “Suggest a feature” section, it’s hard to tell where the jokes stop, and therefore hard to tell where the service may be headed.

The Secret Life of Search
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Some interesting domain transfers for Google and a new MSN domain for NBA star LeBron James have the blogosphere in high speculation. Google may have no plans for the domains, but Microsoft and James plan to tell us all about it on Monday.

Let’s start with Google. Garett Rogers’ obsessive attention to Google’s subtlest moves have once again raised some interesting questions – both about Google, and Garett’s social life…ten bucks says you can’t refrain from using the word "Google" on you next first date, Garett.

The Microsoft “Conspiracy”?

Microsoft has admitted that their new anti-virus service, Windows Live OneCare mistakenly labeled Google’s Gmail as a virus last week. The mishap occurred last week when Google made adjustments to the Gmail website according to Microsoft.

After Google, NBA Breakup, NHL Steps In

Google Video used to feature official NBA videos, but the deal that made this possible seems to have run its course. Sports fans aren’t entirely out of luck, though, because the NHL will be providing content to fill the void.

Greasemonkey Unites Gmail, Google Reader

Gmail has become pretty much omnipresent in its popularity, and Google Reader also received positive reviews after its last round of tweaks. Now, Mihai Parparita, a member of the Google Reader team, has combined the two. Users of his Greasemonkey script will be able to receive feeds in Gmail.

The Wide World Of XML

Instead of just one topic today, we thought we would bring you a small sampling of XML topics to sample at your leisure.

Google Alters Functionality To Comply With DRM

Google has changed the way Gmail displays PDF files, in order to prevent it from circumventing Adobe’s DRM.

Rogers and Bell Partner With Inukshuk Network

Built in conjunction with Bell Canada and Rogers Communications, the Inukshuk network is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Rogers: Google Should Track Your Eyeballs
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ZDNet Google blogger Garett Rogers has suggested an upgrade to Google Analytics, where Google tracks your eye movements by following your mouse around the screen.

Hints At ‘Gmail For Domains’ In JavaScript

Garett Rogers at ZDNet notices that hidden within Gmail source code are hints that Google is developing a future version of Gmail, “Caribou”, that will allow people to point their domain DNS servers at Google to use Gmail.

RSS Advisory Board

I joined the RSS Advisory Board with Meg Hourihan, Loc Le Meur, Eric Lunt, Rogers Cadenhead, Jenny Levine, Randy Charles Morin, Greg Reinacker and Dave Sifry.

Rogers Teams with Nortel

Rogers Communications is launching an internet-based digital phone service in the summer using Nortel equipment.