Rocketboom Teams Up With Sony

Rocketboom Teams Up With Sony

By WebProNews Staff August 6, 2008

It took a couple of years and few crises but Rocketboom is set to take off. Founder Andrew Baron just inked a seven-figure plus revenue-sharing deal with Sony to distribute the webcast across its properties, including Crackle.com, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Bravia i-Link and syndicated network of 3rd party distributors.

Blogger Rules Dismissed, Cuz We Say So

People are busy. Email piles up. Probably why some of the prominent bloggers I solicited for a response to a British proposal that somebody regulate these free-wheeling, free-speaking modern yarn-weavers were too late for an earlier article. Shows what a swell, free market of ideas guy I am – and how nicely updatable Internet content is. Here’s a follow-up with those responses from people you know.

Amanda Congdon Rockets To Disney

The House of Mouse has given former Rocketboom anchor Amanda Congdon a new home, where she will contribute to ABC News online and television broadcasts.

New Audience Metric Needed
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I was just reading Jeneane Sessum’s post about the latest Ze Frank/Rocketboom dustup and she’s right, we need to measure stuff other than just whether a download got completed or not.

Vlogger Slams Rocketboom, Nerd Fight Ensues

If you haven’t heard of him yet, that’s because he hadn’t verbally accosted the darling of the vlogging world yet. Ze Frank, host of “The Show,” Rocketboomed himself into an authentic charts-and-graphs nerd fight with Andrew Baron. There, now you’ve heard of him.

Intel’s “Living Without Boundaries” Stunt Catches Fire

Last week I posted about the Intel Second Life campaign that were working on with Millions of Us.

Rocketbooming New Monetization Strategies

The most important takeaways from Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron’s keynote address at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo are that content providers should not only focus on a niche, but should also be audience-centric in their approach to content delivery and monetization.

Rocketboom’s Ad Policy Returns Power To People

Andrew Baron of Rocketboom fame may have sealed his position as an advertising visionary. His approach, detailed during a keynote address at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, had everyone buzzing. A $20,000 discount for likeable commercials? Disney should shoot for an audience of 10,000?

Scoble’s Day of Meetings

Lunch with Dave Davison, retired VC’er. Meeting with editorial crew. Meeting with Paul (Maryam’s boss).

So You Think You Want To Be A Vlogger

If you’re establishing and promoting a video blog (vlog), then there are a few key people to talk to about it. One of those is Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron. WebProNews publisher Rich Ord caught up with Baron, and others, at VON 2006 during the “You’ve Got Video” session to find out how to set up a successful vlog.

Rocketboom Has Temporary Identity Crisis

Forget about the past two weeks of the new Rocketboom. The new new Rocketboom is set to roll on Monday. What do you think? More buffalo? Maybe instead of minimalist Scandinavian art fashion with creepy music, we’ll get cubist Armenian liturgical dance ice fishing. With creepy music.

Rocketboom Goes Down In Buffalo Chips

How do you follow an episode of tomato throwing and red paper clip up-trades? It’s a no-brainer: buffaloes and creepy music. Rocketboom’s second that’s-not-Amanda show left the audience in a pile of question marks.

Rocketboom Fights Attack of Killer Tomatoes

She, that is, not Amanda Congdon, plopped herself down in the anchor chair in a catchers mask and pads. Let the tomato throwing begin. Andrew Baron sits in the corner, a frazzled and twitchy mess with nothing to say about the matter. Joanne Colan informs Amanda fans of where she can be found. Rocketboom 2.0, sans foam insulation concerns, launches.

Rocketboom Wants Amanda Congdon Back

The nation’s hottest video blog is back, and it’s snappy. Rocketboom interim host Joanne Colan (pictured here holding a symbol for triumph) displays the polish and ease that many viewers felt long-time host Amanda Congdon lacked.

Podtech Arrival, New Rocketboom

We were speeding down freeway 280 on the way to PodTech’s offices when the phone rang.

Rocketboom 2.0 Delayed, Fans Lash Out

Rocketboom fans have been hanging on for the next boom since Amanda Congdon’s dramatic unbooming. The next incarnation is now two days late as the world awaits how the new hostess will handle her duties, and to see if Rocketboom 2.0 will reach liftoff.

Congdon Replaced By English Accent

How will Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron replace his vamoosing attractive, smart, witty, and charming anchor Amanda Congdon? The space in front of the upside down map of the world will be filled by an attractive, smart, witty, and charming anchorwoman with a British accent. So, ha!