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Scorpions Drummer Jailed for a Month in Dubai

Scorpions drummer James Kottak was arrested at Dubai International Airport for drunk and disorderly conduct on April 3, and was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the crime of insulting Islam. According to Dubai state-run newspaper The National, Kottak …

Def Leppard Is Set To Tour With Kiss This Summer

Def Leppard and Kiss may be a couple of bands that many people have not heard too much about in recent years, but they will be touring together later this year. Two of the biggest rock bands of all time …

Bruce Springsteen Covers Lorde’s “Royals” In New Zealand [Video]

Well, Lorde’s popular song “Royals” has been covered by all sorts of choruses and Acapella groups, but it is quite an honor for the young singer to be covered by “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen. The song became an instant hit …

Black Sabbath: New DVD and Guitarist Alive and Well
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Today’s Lesson: Tell your rocker friends immediately to never make a “Get Well” song about you. Black Sabbath, the English rock band led by Ozzy Osbourne, have been thrashing since 1968. After a long hiatus, they released Live…Gathered in Their …

Bon Jovi Slams Bieber: “He’s An A**Hole!”
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Bon Jovi apparently doesn’t think too highly of performers who keep their fans waiting. The 51-year old rock star/actor brought up the rude behavior in an interview recently, citing a move by Justin Bieber as an example. “Every generation has …

Rock Band My Chemical Romance Splits After 12 Years
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Some band break-ups can be as bad as romantic ones, and for dedicated fans they are often worse. Rock band My Chemical Romance was formed in September 2001 and used the new influence of MySpace to propel itself to nearly …

MySpace, Say Anything But That
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There’s no need to get Tipper Gore involved or anything. No need to relive that old Twisted Sister mess. But neither MySpace, Fox, nor the band in question has returned requests for comment, and usually, if somebody doesn’t want to talk about it, then it probably should be talked about.