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MakerBot Made A Documentary About The Boy With The 3D Printed Robohand

The feel good story of January was when a designer used a 3D printer to create a prosthetic hand for a boy who never had one. The project has been progressing smoothly since then thanks to the free 3D printers sent their way courtesy of MakerBot. Now the 3D printer company has released a documentary showing how 3D printers are …

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The Boy With The 3D Printed Robohand Is Back And Better Than Ever

We brought you word last month that two men were working on an open source prosthetic hand that could be created with any 3D printer. The first hand was being tested out on a little boy named Liam who was born without any fingers on his right hand. The team had already made some amazing progress, but the latest iteration …

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3D Printers Give Boy The Hand He Never Had

Technology improves lives – we hear it everyday as large companies continue to force feed us the latest technological toys. Sure, these things make our lives more convenient, but does technology really improve lives? It’s a resounding yes for a little boy from South Africa. 3ders has an excellent story up about a man named Richard and a boy named …

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