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Robert Gates Elected President of Boy Scouts of America

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was officially elected national president of the Boy Scouts of America this week. Gates is the 35th person to hold the title. In his new position, Gates will be the head of the organization’s National Executive Board for two years. Gates was once a member of the National Executive Board, as well as …

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Katie Couric to Interview Michael Bloomberg for Yahoo News

Katie Couric will interview former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg in her new role as Global Anchor for Yahoo. The interview, which will air March 14 on Yahoo and on Couric’s Tumblr blog, is Bloomberg’s first since being named special envoy to the United Nations for cities and climate change. Couric announced the interview and solicited viewer questions via …

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Robert Gates Bashes Obama In New Memoir

President Obama might not be too happy when he reads Robert Gates’ new memoirs to be published next week. In it, Gates criticizes Obama’s policy towards the war in Afghanistan saying Obama doesn’t even believe in his own strategy. “For him, it is all about getting out of there,” he writes. Gates served as Pentagon Chief from 2006 to 2011 …

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