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Soldier Returns Home to Discover $21,000 Phone Bill
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The next time you think your cell phone bill is beyond outrageous, have a quick chat with Brent Worthington. I’m sure he would absolutely love to discuss the matter with you. After returning home from Iraq, the White Park soldier …

Data Roaming Costs Lessened with New EU Plan Data Roaming Costs Lessened with New EU Plan

As of July 1st, new data roaming price caps will take effect in Europe, after an agreement between members of the European Parliament and the Danish Presidency of the Council of Ministers. This new mandate will be helpful to those …

EU Calls For Lower Mobile Roaming Fees

European mobile phone companies are charging customers too much when they send text messages or check email while traveling, a top European Union official said Monday.

Viviane Reding, the European commissioner responsible for media and telecommunications, told industry executives that she would introduce new rules unless they decreased data roaming charges voluntarily by July 1st.