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Report: About 1/4 Of Questions On Jelly Are Being Answered

Jelly, the new visual Q&A app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, has been out for a week now, and some early third-party data regarding the app’s usage has surfaced. RJMetrics’ Robert Moore says he’s been collecting data on all the questions and answers that have been posted by way of his own Jelly account and using “publicly accessible (if undocumented) …

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Is Google+ a Ghost Town? A New Study Reveals Weak User Engagement

To hear Google tell it, Google+ is growing into a major social network that will soon rival Facebook. The company loves to point out that more brands are adopting the social network and that the site now has over 170 million users. The question is, how many of those users actually participate in the social network by making posts or …

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New Twitter Stats Highlight Lack Of Stickiness

New statistics regarding Twitter have been released, and there’s good and bad news for the site.  The good: it’s attracting lots of new users every month, and some of them become very devoted fans.  The bad: Twitter’s growth rate is declining, and a ton of people seem to establish an account and then never return.

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