Google Reportedly Acquiring Like.com

Google Reportedly Acquiring Like.com

By Chris Crum August 16, 2010

Google is reportedly acquiring Like.com for over $100 million. According to Michael Arrington, the companies are in the final stages of the deal, based on word from "multiple sources".

At first glance, Like.com looks like your ordinary, run of the mill e-commerce site, but the technology behind it has apparently caught Google’s eye.

Jeremy Toeman Says Riya Marketing To Wrong Group

Interesting point on Jeremy’s blog. Hey, Jeremy, you must have missed my video interview with Munjal Shah. He just came back from a press tour where he talked with tons of fashion and consumer magazine editors (he told me that he’ll have tons of great PR in that world coming soon).

Disappointed in Today’s News on Riya

About a year ago when Riya first launched with a big splash as a new Web 2.0 company with super exciting facial recognition software I was excited. I was super excited.

Neven To Face Google Picasa Challenge

Google has acquired Neven Vision and its image recognition technology, which will be incorporated into the Picasa photo organizer.

Riya Offers Facial Recognition Tech

Usable facial-recognition software belongs in the realm of science fiction, right? Or perhaps it exists, but only in the some of the more technologically advanced branches of the government. Not so. The photo-sharing site Riya already uses some of that technology, and is due to incorporate more this fall.

Does Web 2.0 Support Net Neutrality?

Sitting at the Vloggercon show again, and I came to hear on the panel on Net Neutrality – an area that really does interest me, mainly because of the deafening silence in the Web 2.0 community. Huge silence.

Riya Photo Search Soon In Public Beta

The photo search engine announced at the DEMO Conference on emerging technologies that the public phase of its beta test will begin in this calendar quarter.

The Art Of Google’s Deals

In Silicon Valley and elsewhere, the technology startup process works like this: have an idea, innovate, develop, test, test it some more, get some venture capital, and pray that Google acquires the company.

Picture This: Google May Buy Riya

Sure it’s just rumor and speculation from sources not associated with Google or nascent photo facial recognition firm Riya, but Google could toss $40 million at Riya soon.

AOL Pictures Itself In Photo Sharing

Yahoo’s Flickr gets some extra competition from AOL today, as the Time Warner portal relaunches its photo sharing presence online.

Riya Facial Recognition Search Site to Launch

Riya is a powerful new photo search site with an interesting broader vision: to make it easy to find every digital photo in the world.