Rivals Articles

Yahoo Chooses Rivals For Sports Lineup

The much-rumored deal for Rivals.com finally took place, with Yahoo reportedly paying $100 million for the college and high school information site.

Rumor: Yahoo Could Acquire Rivals

The story broke yesterday concerning Yahoo’s possible acquisition of Rivals, a popular sports content site. With the possible price rumored in the nine-figure range.

Here in Lexington, Rivals is a very popular site for fans of Kentucky basketball. Its forums have been ablaze ever since the abrupt departure of former head coach Tubby Smith and stayed hot throughout the entire search process which eventually landed Billy Gillispie at the helm of the program.

CNET Analyzing Ethics or Attacking Rivals?
I’d like to hear your thoughts on CNET’s look at whether journalists are starting to break the informal code that prevents conflicts of interest.

Their expose of well known MarketWatch journalist, Bambi Francisco, reads as more of an attempt to undermine a rival publication, than a serious look at whether traditional journalists should avoid getting involved with companies they write about.

Google Has Resources, Rivals, And Risks

The annual report filed by Google with the SEC reveals hefty revenues, its thoughts on Yahoo and Microsoft, and the potential for its multi-billion dollar business to suddenly go pancake-shaped in certain circumstances.

YouTube to Offer Copyright Protection “Very Soon”

It appears Google’s finally starting to realize that if YouTube is to continue its success, they need to figure out how to protect copyright holders from video piracy.

Friendster Caught Between a Rock and a Facebook

The game is over, and Friendster lost.

Turner Snaps At Microsoft Rivals

With its Worldwide Partner Conference coming to a close in Boston, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner declared war on companies and technologies aspiring to Microsoft’s place in the enterprise.

Microsoft Rivals Whine To EU

A group of the typical Microsoft rivals, including Oracle, Sun, RealNetworks and IBM, have lodged yet another antitrust complaint against Microsoft with the European Union.

IBM Busts Open The Cell

The high-profile heart of the forthcoming PlayStation 3 will have key details disclosed in Barcelona today.

Paid Search Rivals Super Bowl Commercials

The New York Times provides a good comparison of paid search with other big advertising favorites, such as the Super Bowl.