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Test Your Browser’s JavaScript Prowess With Google Octane

Facebook and the W3C have contributed greatly to the development of mobile browsers with Ringmark. The simple test makes sure that your browser is compliant with the latest and greatest HTML5 technologies. Google has taken that concept and applied it to JavaScript applications. Google announced today the immediate availability of Octane. It’s a JavaScript benchmark suite that tests your browser’s …

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Facebook’s Ringmark Goes Completely Open Source

HTML5 and Open Source software are the future. Even if the old guard of software development don’t want to admit, it’s an inevitability. Facebook has helped move us along towards the future of Web and the power of the mobile Web with its Ringmark tool. Now the social network is giving Ringmark to the people. Facebook announced yesterday that they …

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Facebook Updates Ringmark, Changes Coming To Coremob

When someone says open source, the first company to pop in your mind is probably not Facebook. That would be a disservice to the company though as they are pushing open source just like the rest of them. The company started the Coremob W3C Community Group to push Web standards and they open sourced RIngmark, the company’s browser test suite …

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Facebook Open Sources Ringmark To Make Mobile Browsers Better

When Facebook first filed for its IPO, it was clear, reading through the company’s risk factors that the company has a lot of vulnerability in the mobile department, though it has certainly been working hard to change that. In late February at Mobile World Congress, Facebook announced some new initiatives to improve its mobile ecosystem. One of those initiatives was …

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