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10 Ways To Win With Resell Rights

Buying software and ebooks with Resell Rights means you have full control over the product, including the profits, without the hassle of creating it yourself.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Individual Property Rights

In what many call the most important decision this term, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 in favor of New London in the Kelo V New London case.

Ten Rights: For Owners of Service Businesses

1. You have the right to price your business services right!

Eminent Supreme Court Seizes Property Rights

A 5-4 vote in the land’s highest court struck down the hopes of seven families whose homes were targeted for demolition by local government to make way for hotels, office buildings, a health club, and a conference center.

How To Pick A Product To Resell Online

Here’s a really simple way to keep 100% profit by selling a product that you did not create. How? You can do that by buying resale rights to other products to sell online.

Steve Ballmer Writes To Microsoft’s Employees Over Anti-Discrimination Bill

Steve Ballmer wrote us all a note this afternoon about the anti-discrimination bill. I wish he’d post this publicly.

Using Resell Rights to Get Traffic and Subscribers

You see the ads all over the place, “Get 147 ebooks and 56 software titles for only x amount of dollars”. Or how about, “Buy the master resell rights to this product for only xx amount of dollars”. Lots of people buy these everyday with the hope of making big money. However, the big question many people seem to have after buying them is, now that I’ve got them, what the heck do I do with them?

7 Ways To Profit From Other Peoples Products

If you don’t possess the time, money or inclination to create your own hot selling product there is plenty of scope for profit by using other people’s.

Be at the Top of the Resell Rights Pecking Order

Remember the old Reprint Rights Reports Cd’s? They used to sell them years ago in business opportunity magazines. They contain a few thousand reports with reprint rights. The reports cover many subjects about money making and making money in mail order etc.

Google Claims FreeBooble Infringes On Their Trademark Rights
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FreeBooble, a search engine devoted to free adult content, received a demand from Google that they cease operations. Google claims FreeBooble infringes on the search engine’s trademark rights, something Google is very familiar with.

FAST ESP To Power Human Rights Search Engine

HURIDOCS, a human rights network, has announced the implementation of the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (ESP) to power its search engine, HURISEARCH. HURIDOCS is a non-profit organization devoted to human rights and the dissemination of human rights information.

Resell Rights Cash Flow System

For the life of me I don’t know why more people don’t use this technique that could literally blow their sales through the roof.

Google Secures Search Results And Ad Rights To Dutch Portal

Marktplaats BV, the Netherlands’ largest portal for want ads, has signed a deal with Google to provide AdSense ads and search engine results. Google won this deal in competition with Overture.

Google Awarded Rights To Froogle UK Domain

Google has secured the rights to Froogle’s UK domain name. Froogle.co.uk had been cyber-squatted by LWD Internet, an e-commerce solutions provider. The company registered the domain when Google launched Froogle.com, Google’s shopping search engine.

Google Gains Rights To Google.ru

Cybersquatting is a common occurrence in Russia. Internet laws were slower to develop and because of that, there have been numerous incidents where international corporations have found their namesake URL domains already taken.

How To Pull Massive Profits From Resale Rights Instantly

What’s in your name?

I’m not trying to be funny here, this basic question holds the key to you making much more money with your resale rights business than you probably realized.

How To Price Your Creative Work

How do you put a dollar value on your creative work? Are you charging too much? Too little? In your creative small business, pricing issues will come up again and again. I struggled with them for years, until I managed to get them straight in my own mind.

Please Don’t *You* Buy Any More Useless Reprint Rights

Yes, one of the quickest ways to get into business for yourself is to buy the reprint rights for someone else’s product. It saves you the time and effort of developing your own product.

7 Steps to “Resale Rights” Riches

Even if you never write a word of your own, you can still earn plenty of money in the lucrative ebook business.

User Rights – User Privileges Category

The Windows XP Professional operating system allows for Rights to be configured to both individual users as well as to groups of users. Right are best described as permitted actions that are allowed to those users or groups on a specific system or allowed actions within the domain.

The Language of Freelance Marketing

Newbies usually enter the world of publishing with the notions of submitting articles, receiving prompt replies and getting published. After all, the next-door-neighbor did just that, and now she has a byline and everything. Maybe your neighbor’s lucky. Maybe she’s lying. In all probability, she’s established.