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‘Ridge Racer’ Game Coming to Mobile This Month

Gamers are certainly not lacking choices when it comes to racing games in the next year. Early PlayStation 4 and Xbox One adopters will each have an exclusive racing game to choose from (Driveclub and Forza 5, respectively), and EA has even thrown up its own next-gen racing game with Need For Speed Rivals. For those sticking with their PlayStation …

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Ridge Racer For PlayStation Vita Launching March 13, Gets Free DLC

If there’s one thing that the PlayStation brand is known for, it’s Ridge Racer. Well, the PlayStation brand is known for a lot of things, but Ridge Racer is always there at every launch. My first PSP game was Ridge Racer, and many early adopters first PS Vita game will probably be Ridge Racer as well. While Ridge Racer did …

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