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Bigfoot Killed, Corpse on Tour in Texas

Bigfoot’s corpse is on tour. The tour is called the “I Told You So Tour.” The reason it’s called the “I Told You So Tour” is because its creator, promoter, and emcee is Rick Dyer, who last put a bigfoot corpse on tour in 2008 only to later be forced into admitting that that bigfoot was just a rubber suit. …

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Bigfoot Hunter Shares Pictures Of Dead Creature

Rick Dyer has long been a self-proclaimed professional Bigfoot hunter. In 2012, Dyer gained national attention after claiming that he had shot and killed one of the elusive creatures in San Antonio. He even filmed a documentary Shooting Bigfoot, where he gave all of the details on how he found, shot, and killed Bigfoot. The documentary failed to convince skeptics, …

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