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Bill Gates Tops Forbes’ 2014 List Of 500 Richest People

On March 3rd, Forbes, the well-known American business and financial information magazine, released its yearly tally of the 500 richest people that the magazine has been closely following. The list was first published in 2000 and includes various well-known names, such as: Prince Al-Waleed, Warren Buffet, various members of the Walton family, Michael Dell, and Paul Allen; however, this year, …

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Forbes Richest 400: 2013 List Revealed

For those who anticipated seeing some new names top the famous Forbes 400, you’re expectations are definitely about to wane. Straight from the mouth of Forbes, the richest man of 2013 is, none other than, Microsoft Corporation co-founder, Bill Gates. Classified as the richest American for 20 consecutive years, it should come as a surprise to no one that Gates’ …

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