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Rich Kid DUI, Gets 10 Years Probation For 4 Deaths

According to TIME, a 16-year-old in Keller, Texas was convicted of manslaughter after driving drunk and crashing into another vehicle that resulted in the death of four people. Because the kid is rich and suffers from “affluenza”, he wounded up getting 10 years of probation and mandatory psychological treatment. A·fflu·en·za [aa-floo-en-zah] noun 1. In Layman’s terms: being so spoiled with …

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Facebook and Its IPO Made San Mateo County the Highest-Paid County in America

According to figures just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Facebook’s May 2012 IPO made San Mateo county, California the most well-paid area in the country. The average weekly worker wage in San Mateo County, California (home to Facebook’s Menlo Park campus) was $3,240 in Q4 of 2012. That’s over a thousand dollars a month more than the second-place …

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Gore ‘Romney rich’, According to Bloomberg

Al Gore is well-known for his close 2000 election loss to George W. Bush and for his evangelism on the issue of global warming. However, the former Vice President has been quietly amassing a fortune in the years since his political career ended. Bloomberg is reporting that Gore is now ‘Romney rich’, with a net worth that rivals the infamously …

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