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Uncle Ben’s Rice- Why Was It Recalled?

Several flavors of Uncle Ben’s Flavor Infused Rice have been recalled after students at a school in Texas became ill after eating it. According to reports, the students began to experience allergic reaction-like symptoms after eating the Mexican flavored rice product. Some of the symptoms the students experienced include rashes, welts, and flushed faces. Although these symptoms were only caused …

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Rice Recall: Uncle Ben’s Rice Is Making Children Sick

Some products created under the “Uncle Ben’s” logo have been recalled due to unhealthy reactions in school children and teachers. The rice being recalled includes 5 lb and 25 lb bags of infused rice, which is not generally sold in grocery stores or supermarkets. Mars Foodservices is the company that produces the affected products, which are usually sold through wholesale …

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Rice Recall: Mars, Inc. Recalls Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice Products

The massive rice recall may leave grocery shelves bare of Uncle Ben’s rice products for quite some time. Government officials are currently investigating a number of illnesses that have been directly associated with the brand’s infused rice products. Mars, Inc. has voluntarily recalled the infused flavored rice products “out of an abundance of caution”¬†after being notified of illnesses that occurred …

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