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Major Record Labels Go After Yahoo China

A consortium of record labels which include Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have filed suit against Alibaba, which is an operator affiliated with Yahoo China, alleging copyright infringement by the site. The announcement comes as record labels, along with the RIAA, are cracking down harder than ever on digital music piracy.

It’s been an up and down week for digital music aficionados, and it’s only Tuesday.

RIAA Targets Internet Radio
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In a decision that could drive the nail in the coffin to Internet radio providers, the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board has endorsed a proposal by SoundExchange to enact royalty rates for webcasts and streaming music sites that will stay in effect from 2006 until 2010.

RIAA: Fair Use Bill = Legalized Hacking

Earlier this week, U.S. Representatives Rick Boucher and John Doolittle introduced the Freedom And Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007 (FAIR USE Act) for consideration in Congress. Mere days after its initial announcement, the bill is already being targeted for suppression by control-hungry content organizations.

RIAA Publishes Piracy

In its ongoing battle of futility against file sharing, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has published a list of the academic institutions that the organization has deemed as the top offenders when it comes to sharing music over a peer-to-peer connection.

In total, the RIAA sent out over 14,500 copyright infringement notices during the last academic year, with Ohio University topping the list at 1,287 letters – accounting for nearly ten percent of the alleged illegal music sharing.

RIAA Continues Pressuring ISPs For Information

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been relentlessly fierce in its pursuit of individuals it deems as “criminals” by filing numerous lawsuits over the past several years.

It looks like the RIAA is trying to do all it can to encourage ISPs to be more forthcoming with identifying information in order to fuel their tactics which amount to little more than a legal means of extorting money from everyday citizens.

RIAA Countersued, Plot Thickens

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been relentless in its pursuit of those individuals found to be taking part in peer-to-peer music sharing. Numerous lawsuits have been filed by the RIAA, most of which are settled out of court for an arbitrary fee.

RIAA Greed Knows No Bounds

The RIAA has filed suit against AllofMP3 seeking back royalties for music downloaded between June and October of this past year. The filing of the suit has sparked reaction from both AllofMP3 and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

RIAA: Goodbye BearShare, Hello $30M
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Online file-sharing service BearShare, along with operators Free Peers Inc., is packing it up due to a $30 million settlement with the recording industry.

RIAA Jerks Computerless Womans Chain

The Inquirer’s Nick Farrell suggests that it was apparent telepathy that allowed Brooklyn resident Marie Lindon to download songs off the Internet without a computer. Others think the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is picking names out of a phonebook, sharing the random wrath of Navin Johnson’s would-be assassin as well as “The Jerk’s” titular characteristics.

RIAA Countersued, Accused Of RICO Violations

A disabled single mother in Oregon has filed a lawsuit in response to a RIAA action accusing her of illegal downloading.

Fighting The System: Mom VS. RIAA

The RIAA and its affiliates have accused more than 13,000 people, through lawsuits, of illegally swapping copyrighted music. With about a quarter of these suits settled at close to $5000 a pop, the record companies have a sweet deal going on. But one woman is standing up to these companies and choosing to fight: Mom.

RIAA Targets Internet2 P2P Sharing

Although the Internet2 is not available to the public, a number of college students at different locations have certainly brought it to the forefront with their activities.

RIAA Flexes Its Litigious Muscle Against 405 College Students

Today, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced they would be filing copyright infringement lawsuits against 405 college students at 18 different colleges across the country.