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“Operation Crash” Takes Down Black Rhino Horn Salesmen

A federal grand jury in Los Vegas today issued indictments for two men accused of selling black rhinoceros horns in the U.S. The men were caught in a sting that was part of “Operation Crash,” a nationwide investigation into the rhino horn trade led by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Servie and the Justice Department. Edward N. Levine and Lumsden …

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Sumatran Rhino ‘Suci’ Dies at Zoo

A rare female Sumatran rhinoceros called Suci died at the Cincinnati Zoo Sunday, putting a big damper on the breeding program that had been implemented to help save the critically endangered species. Suci was one of ten Sumatran rhinos in captivity worldwide, and the only female in Cincinnati. The rhino had been showing symptoms indicative of the same disease that …

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South African Abalone Poaching Kingpin Sentenced

A South African court sentenced a regional abalone poaching kingpin to two years in prison on Friday, after he pleaded guilty to smuggling 3,243 of the gastropod mollusks, which are a pricey delicacy in parts of Asia. Peter Jansen of Cape Town appeared alongside 20 other defendants, who faced a collective 530 charges, including racketeering, corruption and illegal possession of …

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