Napster Merges With Rhapsody

Napster Merges With Rhapsody

By Jeremy Muncy December 2, 2011 | 2 Comments

It’s a sad day for fans of old school file-sharing, as Napster is no more. Starting yesterday, Napster officially began merging with Rhapsody, the largest on-demand music service in the United States. Back in October, Best Buy, the parent company …

Theories On Why iTunes Hasn’t Gone DRM Free

Applelogo Months after Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and a dozens other download stores have gone 100% DRM free, A

Yahoo Launches Music Feature In Search Results
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Yahoo has introduced a new music feature that allows users to play songs from artists by clicking on a play button at the top of the search results.

Yahoo Music Is Shutting Its Doors

There had to be a better way. It’s no surprise that Yahoo! Music is shutting down its download store and pointing customers to Rhapsody.  But did they have to pull a Microsoft and stop supporting the retrieval of license keys or authorize playback on additional computers? Here’s the email that came last night:

iLike Launches Ad Platform And Full Song Playback

Music Web site iLike has introduced new features, including full song playback and a self-serve advertising platform.

Rhapsody Launches MP3 Store

Digital music service Rhapsody, said it will begin offering MP3 downloads without DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions starting today.

The MP3 tracks will be compatible with Apple’s iPod. Rhapsody vice president Neil Smith said that not being compatible with the iPod had limited Rhapsody’s reach. Previously the company had focused on its subscription service, which offered unlimited songs streaming for $13 to $15 a month.

Yahoo Moves To The Music

Yahoo’s Music Unlimited gained a new manager – rival subscription service Rhapsody, which is operated by RealNetworks. The company also purchased media toolbar FoxyTunes.

Yahoo Acquires FoxyTunes


Free Music Service Leaps Onto The Scene

SpiralFrog.com, an ad supported Web site that allows users to download music and videos for free has launched in North America.

MTV, RealNetworks Partner On Music Service

RealNetworks, MTV Networks and Verizon Wireless have partnered to create a digital music service that users can access using their PC, portable music device or mobile phone.

Rhapsody Reals In Sprint

RealNetworks’ Rhapsody music service will be offered to Sprint’s Vision customers as a monthly add-on feature.

RealNetworks Lets Rhapsody Out Of The House

Updated digital music subscription service now lets you take music with you, similar to the Napster To Go program.