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Revver Survives Scrutiny, Gets Bought

A little more than one week ago, there was a rumor that Revver was selling itself for between $300,000 and $500,000 (plus $1 million or so in debt).  Now, the purchase price remains unclear, but the video-sharing site has been acquired by LiveUniverse.

Revver Hangs Sale Sign On Itself

When companies get sold, their prices tend to be beyond what the average individual will ever own or see.  But (and I don’t mean to exclude anyone here) hopefully most of us can view $300,000 as within reach, and that’s reportedly the lower edge of Revver’s asking range.

Revver Users Receive Millionth Dollar

Revver’s out one million dollars, but believe it or not, that’s a good thing – the video-sharing site’s revenue-sharing system is just acting as it’s supposed to.  Creators and distributors have acquired a total of one million dollars in the normal course of events.

ClipBlast Expands Video Index

ClipBlast an online video search and navigation platform is enhancing its index by automatically crawling platform providers.

Revver Launches New Ad Model
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Revver, an online video sharing service, said today it will make impression-based advertising products available to advertisers and content owners this month.

Revver Names New CEO

Online video platform Revver has announced that Kevin Wells will be the new CEO and that the current CEO and founder, Steven Starr will act as a full time Chairman of the Board.

Revver Names New CEO
“Revver Names New CEO”
Revver Names New CEO
YouTube To Share The Wealth
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YouTube has announced that it will start paying some of its more popular independent video contributors starting today.

Microsoft To Go After YouTube With Revver?

Some people would assert that Google launched an assault on Microsoft earlier today; others would just say that the search engine giant launched a paid version of Google Apps. Either way, Microsoft may have a ready response: reports indicate that the company could take aim at YouTube by acquiring Revver, another video-sharing site.

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