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Podcasting for the Masses

Pete Cashmore reviews Evoca.

Google Finance Launches with Blogs

Charlene Li reviews Google Finance, the latest from the big G. The most notable feature?

Google Base Launches Seller Rating System

Google Base is becoming more like eBay each day.

More Fans Seek Movie Reviews Online

Instead of waiting to pick up a copy of the Friday newspaper to read what critics have to say about new releases at the theater, fans have moved their attention online.

ESPN Wipes Ad Fees, Bad Reviews from iTunes

An update to my earlier post on the ESPN ads on iTunes.

Digitial Lifestyle, Movie Reviews Style

Yesterday Dave Winer, Patrick, and I were at the Metreon and said “let’s go see a movie.”

Amazon’s Reviews Are Now Searchable

Amazon.com has made its 10-year-old database of consumer reviews completely searchable!

Snap a Bar Code Picture, Get Blog Reviews

TechCrunch reports that Toshiba has come up with an intriguing marriage of blogs and bar codes.

Flock Available For Test Drive

The hotly anticipated Flock browser, developed by some of the same folks that had they’re hands in Mozilla’s Firefox, is now available in beta release for the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the nit-pickiest code monkeys.

Blog a Movie and Influence the World

Spotted in a post by Hugh MacLeod – an innovative (and, today, hardly surprising) approach to building buzz about a movie by getting bloggers to talk about it. In return, they get free tickets to the US preview.

Flock Web Browser: Could it Supplant Firefox as Browser of Choice for Cool Kids?

Believe it or not, Firefox 1.0 has been around for less than a year. In that short time, it has gained at least 10% of the browser marketshare and spurred Microsoft to finally bring back Internet Explorer from its innovation stasis.

Battelles The Search: A Review of Reviews

Well, looks like John Battelle has done it. He’s written the first and therefore definitive book on Google and the dawning of the search generation. But in the words of Lavar Burton from “Reading Rainbow,” don’t take my word for it.

Google Extends Cinema Search To UK

Users in the UK can enter the title of a movie into the Google search box to find showtimes and reviews.

Reviews: Build Traffic and Reputation

Writing book reviews, product reviews, and reviews of other blogs is one way to increase your visitor traffic level. Reviews are also a powerful technique to enhance your reputation as a blogger.

CNet Reviews Search Engines

I’m surprised this didn’t get a bunch of blog posts when it came out on May 9: C|Net went out and did comprehensive reviews of nine top search engines.

Apple PR, Catch a Tiger by the Head…

Tiger, the title of Apple’s latest OS, officially hits store shelves tomorrow, which means today the gates swing open for all the major media outlets …

Traffic Signals Get Mixed Reviews

A survey by the Washington-based Institute of Transportation Engineers blames bureaucracy for long waits at red lights.

LexisNexis Reviews Data Search Activity

LexisNexis has completed an extensive review of data search activity at its recently acquired Seisint unit, as well as across its other businesses.

Podcast Movie Reviews

A clever idea – movie reviews that are delivered via podcast … Reel Reviews Syndicated On DVD Talk Radio.

Weighing The Desktop Search Pros And Cons

The “in” item for big four of the search industry (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and, Ask Jeeves) is Desktop Search utilities. By early next year, all the major search platforms will/should have a branded, functional Desktop Search (DTS) model for the masses to use.

Copernic Desktop Search is First to Fully Support Mozilla Firefox Browser

Copernic today launched version 1.2 of their desktop search tool, which brings a host of new improvements and capatibility with Mozilla’s Firefox browser, the first desktop search to do so.