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Window of Opportunity Closing for Paid Posts

I’ve tested out the ReviewMe service previously, but after they opened their campaign marketplace I’ve been tempted to try them again and run a few campaigns – especially after Shoemoney’s recommendation and decent quality of some of the paid for reviews.

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ReviewMe – Misrepresenting?

I was shocked (and a little saddened) to read the Consumerist post detailing their apparent misrepresentation of blog partners. Looks like someone at ReviewMe has been adding sites to their listings that haven’t actually signed up for the service.

It seems, though, that the good ship Lifehacker might not be the only blog ReviewMe is “representing”…

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Anything Worth Reviewing?

So I decided to test out ReviewMe for one of my sites, and I think it has been a pretty cool experience. I think most advertisers are going to eat it up after they give it a go.

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Get Buzz, Earn Cash: ReviewMe

Just signed up for ReviewMe a new site for which Advertisers can get their Web site’s products or services reviewed by related Web sites/Blogs thus benefiting from valuable exposure, feedback, and viral buzz.

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Paid Blogging & Blogosphere Ethics

Influential bloggers are taking a harsh stance against services that offer payment to blog posters in return for product reviews, bringing the question of “blogosphere ethics” to the forefront of the blogging community.

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