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Console Game Revenue To Hit $66 Billion

The U.S game console market is on track to generate cumulative revenues of $66 billion through 2012 according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "U.S. Console Games Forecast, 2007 to 2012."

User Generated Content Creating Revenue

User-generated content has changed the online world and created opportunities for marketers.

SEM: Searching for What’s Next

What so many companies are searching for is the next big advance in search engine marketing (SEM), which promotes web sites by increasing their visibility in the search engine results pages.

Mobile Gaming Revenue To Grow 50 Percent
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As publishers release more content, worldwide mobile gaming revenue will grow from $2.9 billion in 2006 to $9.6 billion in 2011, according to Gartner, Inc.

IAB: $16.9B Ad Revenue Online In 2006
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Full year online advertising spending in 2006 brushed against the underside of $17 billion, and ended up 35 percent higher than 2005′s annual revenue.

Microsoft Sees Revenue Increase from Advertising
MSFT has issued its Q1 numbers and is expressing their satisfaction with the growth of their online advertising revenue.

Google Revenue Up 63%

Google released their fourth quarter financial report and reported that year to year revenue increased 63%.

Fewer AdWords Ads Means More Google Revenue?

If you’ve noticed, the way Robert Scoble did, Google has cut the number of AdWords ads appearing in its search results. And though that seems like a counterintuitive move, potentially angering advertisers while dropping profits for Google, it may be smarter than you think.

Online Advertising in The Long Tail

There’s been some talk about how difficult it is to make money with online advertising.

Presidential Candidates & Behavioral Targeting

I read an interesting article by Michael D Jensen titled “What do the Presidential Candidates use for Analytics?”

Site Revenue Generation Options
Today I got to thinking a lot more seriously about revenue generation options for monetising websites.

Although I’ve pretty much doubled my Adsense earnings over the past month, it’s still not a huge amount.

And today it really hit me how meagre the revenues are relative to other earning options.

Presidential Candidates and Analytics

I thought it would be interesting to look at all of the top presidential candidates and see what they are using for analytics for their site. I visited each site, viewed source, and looked for Javascript code or any other trace of analytics code I could find.

Right Media Exchange Revenue Grows 81% in 6 Months

We released a press release on Wednesday at Right Media that talks about some statistics for the Right Media Exchange over the last six months. Being a stats nut, I love this kind of stuff and thought it would be worthwhile to share here.

Compete.com Improvements

Compete announced today that they rolled out some enhancements to the Compete.com site. Compete is now a site I’m visiting more often to research web publishers and get a different look at data instead of just using Alexa.

IPTV, Can It Generate Revenue ?

Over half of communications industry executives believe that Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) will generate revenue within the first three years of service, according to a new survey from Accenture and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The survey included around 350 communications executives in firms located in North and South America, Europe and Asia. While 60 percent believe that IPTV will generate strong revenue in the next three years the number falls to 52 percent over the next 12 months.

Online TV Revenue To Reach $6.3 Billion

Online TV and video are arguably still in their infancy, but are set to become a strong revenue earner on a global scale. In a new report titled “Online TV and Video: Beyond User-Generated Content” from Informa Telecoms & Media, online TV and video services stand to generate global revenues of $6.3 billion by 2012. That is close to 10 times the revenue generated in 2006.

Open Up & Say Growth

Matt points to an interesting article about using an open business model.

Microsoft Achieves Record Revenue

Microsoft, on the precipice of launching Vista to the public, released record revenue reports today of $12.54 billion for the last quarter of 2006, which figured to be a 6% increase over the same period of the prior year.

User Generated Revenue As a Business Model

In 2006, we saw a lot of energy and interest in user generated content.

Principles for SEO Success

There was a great post by Andy Beal about Five Secret Strategies to Add $1M in Revenue to your Interactive Marketing Agency in 2007.

Searching for Trust

Blake Ross of Mozilla chides Google for giving preferential placement to their own apps as “Tips” in search results.

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