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LinkedIn Barely Profitable

LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals, doubled its revenue in 2011 with $522 million, though likewise became less profitable, according to Business Insider. This is due to the company nearly tripling its costs in regards to sales and marketing. Below is a chart form LinkedIn’s annual report: LinkedIn’s net income last year was $26 million. This number would’ve been …

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Dell Reports Record Revenues in 2011

Dell reported record-high revenues for the 4th quarter of 2011, though profits were slightly down. Desktop and laptop sales slumped, while server sales have increased. Dell’s revenue for Q4 last year was $16 billion, up 2%, while its net income was down 18%, at $764 million, compared to $927 million for the 4th quarter of 2010. Dell called 2011 the …

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Statista Reveals Tech Company Earnings Per Employee

Statista has come out with some interesting new figures about how much money a company generates per employee based on their reported figures. I know this is the technology age, but these figures are huge! Below are the bar graphs they put together to help us see the breakdown: I would be interested to see what employees make at these …

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Exclusive: Does Facebook’s IPO Make Good Business Sense?

Companies file for IPOs all the time, but the recent filing by social networking giant Facebook has seemed to connect with nearly everyone, and in a big way. On Wednesday, Facebook filed for its IPO in hopes to raise $5 billion or more, which would make it the largest initial public offering from an Internet or technology company.

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Video Game Tax For Oklahoma?

Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller is concerned because he sees a lot of fat violent children. According to Fourkiller, video games rated teen, mature or adult only by the Entertainment Software Rating Board are making children violent. Also of serious concern for the representative is the way video games are making people lazy. A proposed bill by Fourkiller, if voted …

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