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Email Marketing Study Suggests Sending More, Just Not To Recipients’ Primary Accounts

Return Path recently released an email marketing study suggesting that the frequency that generates maximum response without excessive complaints differs among brands as well as based on account type. It maintains that marketers can send more messages without suppressing response, but not necessarily to users’ primary accounts. The study makes use of data from over 600,000 users over the course …

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Study: Email Fatigue Not An Issue In Q4

Return Path has a new study out looking at consumer email behavior in Q4 2014. Its main finding is that instead of experiencing “email fatigue” during the holiday season, consumers welcomed more messages from retailers. This “contradicts common theories about email overload,” a spokesperson for Return Path said. The study found that the average consumer inbox received fewer than ten …

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Nearly 20% Of Marketing Emails Fail To Arrive

Nearly twenty percent (19.9%) of commercial, permissioned emails never reached consumers inboxes in the United States and Canada in the second half of 2009, according to a new report from Return Path.

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