Nielsen Could Have Twitter’s Retention Rates Wrong

Nielsen Could Have Twitter’s Retention Rates Wrong

By Andy Beal April 29, 2009

 Nielsen Wire 

Google To Watchdog: Mind Your Own Business

Peter Fleischer, Google’s top global privacy counsel, said data retention issues are of no concern to a European privacy watchdog group.

EU Investigation Goes Beyond Google

When the European Union confronted Google over its data retention policies, some people – including Google’s own global privacy counsel – wondered why Yahoo, Microsoft, and a number of other companies were left alone.  Now it appears that the EU is going to take a look at them, after all.

Google Reduces Data Retention Policy To 18 Months

Google’s Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer appears to be a master of textual undercurrents (what the reader understands as "between the lines"), responding to Privacy International’s recent condemnation of the company’s privacy policies without mentioning the group itself.

EU Challenges Google On Data Retention
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Two years may be too long to keep search information without some kind of justification, according to the European Union.

Yahoo Miles Above Google for Retention

An interesting, albeit controversial, set of statistics was provided by Compete.com last week outlining the top 20 online properties that a pool of 2,000,000 people spent the most time on in December 2006.

HR Consulting Firm Provides Employee Retention Guidance

You attract them, you screen them, you interview them, you hire and train them, and then they leave you. It is estimated that employee turn over costs U.S. companies over one billion dollars annually.

10 Tips For Long Term Client Retention

Attracting and retaining long-term clients is a powerful strategy for growing your business. Long-term clients are likely to feel more satisfied, are more likely to refer others, and are more likely to purchase additional services from you.

Employee Retention: What Employee Turnover Really Costs Your Company

It’s one of the largest costs in all different types of organizations, yet it’s also one of the most unknown costs. It’s employee turnover.

R = EOC (Recruitment and Retention = Employer of Choice)

Problems with staffing and retention may not be due to bad hires or a low unemployment rate.

Keeping in Touch: The Surefire Client Retention Strategy

Want to know the secret that all successful independent professionals and small business owners possess? The savvy ones know that the secret to long-term success lies in keeping in touch with their clients.

Measuring & Managing Visitor / Customer Retention, Part 2

Measuring Potential Value with LifeCycle Metrics

This whole potential value measurement issue is, of course, the big problem embedded in the preaching you hear on LifeTime Value, CRM, and these portfolio models of customer value. How do you deal with this whole “potential value” question, how do you actually measure it and act on it?

Measuring & Managing Visitor / Customer Retention

You have probably heard or read references to the “portfolio” approach to managing customers and their value.

Princeton Softech Announces Soution for IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450

Cost-Effective Data Management Solution for PeopleSoft Users Addresses Availability and Business Management Needs.

Whats Next in Web Analytics: Visitor / Customer Retention

Let’s say you are in charge of marketing the web site. You have a multitude of media choices, but not an unlimited budget.

What the Taco Bell Manager Taught Me About Customer Retention
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I didn’t plan to get a marketing lesson. I really just wanted a steak chalupa! But as I went through the Taco Bell ordering line, my day took an interesting twist.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

The first e-commerce web sites were developed to create avenues to acquire new customers. That was in 1994.