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Antivirus Software: No Match For Potential Cybercrime

“There are only two kinds of companies: those who have been breached and those who will be breached.” Such is the claim of Cynthia James, director of business development for Kaspersky Lab, a leading antivirus and Internet security firm. Her assessment may not be far off, either. Identity theft against Target and Neiman Marcus during the holidays last year ended …

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Shoplifting Cop Charged on Two Counts of Retail Theft

On Wednesday Jan. 8, a New Jersey cop was caught shoplifting over $200.00 worth of gun accessories at a Cabela’s sporting goods store in Pittsburgh, Penn. According to the Associated Press, State Trooper William Carvounis, 35, was arrested after paying for a few of the items, but attempting to steal the remaining merchandise in his pockets. A Tilden officer reported the crime …

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Best Buy Scanning Driver’s Licenses to Curb Returns Fraud

Best Buy, the big box electronics retailer, has been looking for all the help it can get as of late, and has been scanning customer driver’s licenses while making decisions on whether to honor certain merchandise returns. The company has been struggling a bit – Best Buy plans to close 50 stores in the U.S., laying off 400 employees in …

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