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Sun Microsystems Launches Academic Resources Initiative

Program Includes Free Training, Free Sun Software Solutions and Collaborative Communities.

7 Essential Resources for Small Business

So you want to start a business but you don’t have a lot of money? Start your business online, and it won’t be a problem.

Build Your Site Around Your Resources

We all collect resources online to give to our visitors. Why not, it gives an added bonus to your site. What we want to do is use as many resources to our advantage. Advertise your business around your resources and gain major exposure.

EOG Resources to Present at Banc of America Securities Investment Conference

EOG Resources (EOG) is scheduled to present on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time at the Banc of America Securities Investment Conference in San Francisco.

Why Resources Added to a Web Site Increase Revenue!

There are literally billions of Web sites online now offering all types of products and services. Some succeed brilliantly, while others fail miserably.

Project+ – Combining the Technical World and the Business World

An Interview with Ayana Nickerson, Project+ Certification Program Manager for CompTIA (the Computing Technology Industry Association).

Nine Effective Tips for Improving your Website’s Usability
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Web usability is perhaps the most important factor in any web design. This is the driving factor that keeps your visitors coming back to your website. Given below are a few points that you need to consider to increase your website’s usability.

Fundamentals of Web Site Acceleration Part 2
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Cache Control

What Is Caching? How Does It Apply to the Web?

Caching is a well-known concept in computer science: when programs continually access the same set of instructions, a massive performance benefit can be realized by storing those instructions in RAM. This prevents the program from having to access the disk thousands or even millions of times during execution by quickly retrieving them from RAM. Caching on the Web is similar in that it avoids a roundtrip to the origin Web server each time a resource is requested and instead retrieves the file from a local computer’s browser cache or a proxy cache closer to the user.

The Psychology of Urgency: Make Them Want It Now!

“I’ll think it over and get back to you.” “Sure, we’ll do that someday.” “I need to check with my colleagues.” “Give me a call next month, then we can set a date.”

Alert! Alert! Alert! Backup and Restore Baby!

At many organizations I doubt red lights flash with the sound of blaring sirens when backups fail in production environments, but I believe at every organization backups are one of the most critical IT functions. Of all backups, database backups, by most accounts, are considered the most critical. I know this is certainly true for me as a SQL Server DBA. I am sure at one point in all of our careers we were too busy to check all of our backups across all SQL Servers, with a million responsibilities on a daily basis. I know some of us were lucky and made it unscathed, while others were not so lucky with backup failures that caused extensive data loss and long downtimes. Now when IT Departments are forced to “do more with less,” it is time to put the necessary SQL Server Alerts in place for backup and restore operations in order to more easily monitor and streamline this critical process.

Improve Your Emails Deliverability

“Improve Your Email’s Deliverability” 25 Rules. By Karen Fegarty MailWorkZ With SPAM accounting for over 50% of the email that is delivered to our inboxes many corporations and ISPs have implemented solutions to deal with this growing problem. SPAM filters, IP blocking, domain blocking, and legislation are in place, but often messages that are, in fact, wanted by the recipients, are filtered and not delivered. What do legitimate marketers need to do to ensure that their clients receive their messages? We have collected a number of rules that, if you employ, can greatly increase the number of emails that are delivered and opened by your customers or prospective customers.

Understanding Garbage Collection in the .NET Framework

In this article we will explore the Garbage Collection feature in the .Net framework and the activities required in applications to manage resources complementing the Garbage Collector.

Securing Network Resources

Network attacks are the biggest risk for Windows 2000 servers. Since the release of the old Windows NT 3.1, hackers have been actively looking for bugs in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Tools like SecHole, IISInjector, NAT (NetBIOS Auditing Tool), SMBRelay and L0pthcrack have been developed to reveal passwords, execute actions on a server, forge network connections and degrade system performance. In addition, several critical security vulnerabilities have been recently released for Windows 2000 that can completely expose a network to an intruder.

Start & Surf Exchanges Overview

Start page and surf exchanges have been around for a little while but seem to be gaining increased popularity lately. I’ve been playing around with them recently to see if there is any reason for this popularity and to find out if they provide you with any real benefits.

A certification primer for XML and related technologies
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IBM was the first organization to provide certification for XML and related technologies. As XML has grown more popular, this certification has also gained respect, and now it is one of the most sought-after certifications for developers. According to IBM, the goal of this certification is to equip developers with the knowledge necessary to design and implement applications that make use of XML and related technologies such as XML Schema, XSLT, and XPath.

Google Ranking WITHOUT submitting to Google

A while back, I read an article that explained how to get a good google rating without ever submitting your site to their submission forms. Like you, I was kind of shocked by this statement so I decided to give it a try.

Administer Linux on the fly
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The /proc filesystem is one of Linux’s great features, and this article gives you a thorough grounding in some of its most useful aspects. With it, you can administer many details of the operating system without ever having to shut down and reboot the machine, which is a boon for those who need to keep their systems as available as possible.

Courses, Sources and Resources

I often receive emails from people asking me where do I get my sources, statistics, news and information for my editorials in my newsletters. Some of these resources offer superb information as well as links to other pertinent sites — while I use them as editor these sites can be of tremendous help to any Internet marketer. So without further ado, here’s a partial list of the many sources and resources that I often visit:

How to get High-Quality TARGETED Traffic from Start Page Exchanges

Promoting your website via Start Page Exchanges is a bit like holding up a sign at the airport – lots of people see you but nobody cares.

Design Your Home Page to Motivate Prospective Buyers to Explore Your Web Site

Generally you get only one chance to grab your visitors attention. Use these four easy steps to compel prospective buyers to explore your web site.

Resources For Improving Grammar

I will shortly be bringing this series of articles to an end, so have compiled here a selection of resources available on the internet to help all those of us who write ads, articles and e-books to keep improving our work.